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Different Types of Locks

This is an overview of some of the basic kinds of locks you might encounter when making choices for your home's security in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire

Padlock Suppliers in Leeds

This is the most basic form of lock and one that everyone is generally familiar with. However, despite it's apparent simplicity there are a few options that you can choose between when buying a padlock that may improve it's functionality:

- Re-keyable padlocks can be adapted so that they are opened with a key you already own, such as your main house key. This has obvious advantages but could spell double trouble if you lose your house keys!

- If you choose a key retaining padlock it will keep hold of the key when it is open, minimising the chance of mislaying it.

- A padlock with a 'shrouded shackle' locks down into itself, so the arm or shackle of the padlock is harder to cut through with bolt cutters.

Mortice deadlock Lock Fitters in Leeds

There are many types of door lock and this is the most basic secure option. This lock is suitable for securing a front door, and if you opt for a British Standard approved version, which conforms to BS 3621, then you might get a reduction on your house insurance premiums.

Multi-point lock/UPVC door Lock Fitters in Leeds

These locks bolt directly from the door into the doorframe and are more secure than a simple deadlock. They have the added benefit of locking in several places along the doorframe, without the need for multiple bolts or locks along the length of the door.

Night latch Locksmith / Lock Fitters in Leeds

A night latch is often employed in conjunction with other locks, and just gives a boost to security. It locks automatically when the door is closed, so protects you from occasional human error when you might forget to lock your door.

Internal knob locks

As the name suggests, these locks form an integral part of the internal doorknob, and should never been used to provide security on external doors as they can be broken easily. Their main purpose is to provide privacy, for example on a bathroom or bedroom door.

Internal lever locks

A variant of the knob lock. They are also for light security, but easier to handle than a knob which can be fiddly for some people.

Window Locks in Leeds

When you are choosing a lock for your window, your choice will largely be governed by the type of window you have. There are many types of window locks but these are the two main categories that you will find:

Mortice rack bolts

This type of window lock is designed for a window that sits flush to the frame. You lock the window from the inside, using a key that turns at 90° to the bolt.

Casement lock

This is designed to fit windows that are hinged at the side - basically a traditional window found in many older UK properties. The casement lock secures the window to the frame and is a rather weaker system than the mortice bolt, but this is the nature of this kind of window.

Aside from the locks we have covered here there are many sub-types and specialist locks that may serve you better in certain circumstances. If you are in any doubt at all it is best to consult a qualified locksmith, and not leave your home security to chance.

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