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Window Locks & Door Handles 

30% of all burglaries happen when the burglar gains access to the property via a window. Don’t allow yourself to be in that statistic. 


Having secure locks on your windows is a lot more important than you may think and is just as important as having locks on your door. 

Ensure your home or business is completely secure by upgrading or replacing the locks in your windows today. If you have new window locks already - Great! Why not add an extra layer of security by installing sash locks which are ideal for upvc doors and large conservatory windows.


Your door handles are just as important too, good quality door handles can slow down the lock snapping process tremendously & sometimes even stop it! The Best Door Handles on the market are Lock Lock (see more below)...  


Lock Lock Door Handles

Lock Lock Ultra Secure Door Handle

For Upvc & Composite Doors 

Available in all Sizes & Finishes


Lock Lock Door Handle
Lock Lock Door Handle
Lock Lock Door Hadles non snap pvc door handles
Standard Door Handles

Lock Lock UPVC Door Handle 
£90 (incl vat)
Supplied & Fitted

Standard uPVC Door Handle 
 £45  (incl vat)  Supplied & Fitted

Standard Door Handle 
£45 (incl vat) Supplied & Fitted

Window Handles & Locks

Available in...
Brushed Chrome, Polished Chrome
Brass & White
£30 (incl vat) 
Supplied &

Window Cable Restrictor
£40  (incl vat)  
Supplied &

Window Side Lock
£40  (incl vat) 
Supplied & Fitted

Sash Locks & Rim Bolts 

Sash Jammer with Key 
Supplied & fitted
1 X £20 
(incl vat)
4 X £45 (incl vat)

Standard & Composite
Sash Jammer

Supplied & fitted
1 X £25 (incl vat)
4 X £55 (incl vat)

Standard Rack Bolt & Key

Supplied & fitted
1 X £35 (incl vat)

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