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Armoured Padlocks &  Steel Chain 

There are many Armoured Padlocks on the market. Here at CS Locks & Keys we stock a fair selection ranging from the budget type which are designed to slow the burglar with the breaking in process. We also stock some of the very best such as ABS Armoured Padlocks which will stop most burglars from breaking the lock.

We carry a good range of steel chain which is sold by the meter and can be cut to size.


Are you in need of a good quality lock and thick chain? No problem - we can come out to you, cut the chain to size, secure what you need securing and also cut extra keys at your premises if needed.


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Armoured Padlocks

Available in...
60mm | £30 (incl vat)
80mm | £35 (incl vat) 
90mm | £40 (incl vat)

£20 (incl vat)

£20 (incl vat)

High Security Padlocks

The NE series Mult-i-lock padlock range offers the maximum efficiency and high performance for keeping your home or business secure.

Prices from £49 - £149+vat

Avocet ABS padlocks are available in a large range of options to suit your requirements. Choose from close shackle to long shackle and everything in-between.

Prices from £49 - £149+vat

Toughened Steel Chain

Chain is sold buy the metre please call
For sizes and thickness

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