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Anti Snap Locks Supplied & Fitted in Leeds

Basic euro cylinders are fitted to most doors, they can be easily snapped by bumping and snapping the lock itself. West Yorkshire Police have stated that over 30% of all house burglaries in the area of Leeds are via the victim's door cylinder.

We Supply & Fit a wide range of anti-snap and anti-bump door locks from major manufacturers such as ABS, Ultion, Garrison, Cisa Astral, Yale, Era so we'll have something that suits your security needs and your budget. 

We can supply Kitemarked snap secure cylinders which meet the new TS007 3 Star standard, and the latest Solid Secure Diamond Standard. Across Leeds, West Yorkshire and many other areas, Crime Prevention Officers recommend upgrading to anti-snap anti-bump locks. 

Why Install Anti-Snap Locks?

Lock Snapping is on the rise in Leeds, West Yorkshire

In the Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford area lock snapping is a huge issue, and unfortunately it's getting worse! Practically every burglary now commited within West Yorkshire where access has been gained unlawfully is through snapping the lock due to Anti - Snap Locks not been installed.

What are Euro Cylinder Locks?

Euro cylinder locks can be found on all Upvc doors and also some composite, wood, sliding patio and aluminium doors. They are made mainly of brass which is non corrosive. This helps because little or no maintenance will ever be needed. But brass is soft and within the structure of the lock there is a weakened area. With a little force and knowledge this can be exposed and the lock pulled out and the locking mechanism can then be opened. Social media has not helped this secret and videos on how to do this can frequently be found on YouTube!

How do you know if your lock is Anti - Snap or not? 

The simple answer is, you don't! Brand new properties being built today are not guaranteed to have anti-snap locks fitted. There is no obligation or insurance requirement for anti-snap locks to be installed. Good locksmiths will be able to advise if they are but to be certain, the lock itself will need to be taken out and examined to be absolutely sure. 

Secure, Anti-Snap Euro Cylinders.

The good news is that we can beat the thieves easily. CS Locks & Keys can exchange your existing weak locks for the fantastic high security anti-snap versions. When fitted they will not change the appearance of your door. 

There are also additional benefits with anti - snap locks that include...

  • Anti-Pick protection

  • Anti-Drill protection

  • Anti-Bump protection

These features will ensure your future protection and keep your home, family and you safe.

The best possible security. 

So now you know all about Anti - Snap Locks...
Which type do you choose?

The ABS lock is CS Lock Fitting Company - Leeds most popular and recommended lock that we supply & install! 

The ABS Break Secure high security euro cylinder, offers the following features:

  • BSi Kitemark TS007 3 Star rating

  • Police preferred Secured by Design specification

  • Sold Secure Diamond Grade standard

  • Anti-Snap - Sacrificial front section

  • Anti-Bump - Magnetic pin system

  • Anti-Drill - Ultimate 16 pin system

  • Anti-Screw

  • Patented Snap Secure Cam Technology


The ABS Break Secure Lock meets the highest security standards in the UK.


ABS Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock
Ultion Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock

CS Lock Fitting Company - Leeds use Ultion Anti Snap locks to maximise door security via their special double anti snap mechanism.

The Main features of the Ultion Anti Snap lock include:

  • BSi Kitemark TS007 3 Star Rating

  • Sold Secure Diamond Grade Standard

  • Anti-Snap - Double Sacrificial Section

  • Anti-Jam Keyway - for reliable operation

  • Direct Cam locking - prevents manual manipulation of cam


Yale AS Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Lock


Yale AS Series security cylinders offer extra protection to make the cylinder stronger, to reduce the grip a potential attacker can get, which provides excellent resistance to cylinder snapping.

The main features of the Yale AS Series security euro cylinder includes:

  • 10 year guarantee

  • BSI Kitemark approved

  • Anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-screw and anti-drill protection

  • TS007 1 Star Cylinder

  • Meets the Police preferred Secured by Design specification

  • Tested to British Standard BS EN1303:2005

  • Meets the Diamond Level of the Sold Secure SS312 standard.

  • Yale Maximum level security

  • Polished brass and bright nickel finishes available

CISA Astral S Anti-Snap Lock 

CISA Astral S (Snap Resistant) cylinders have over 40% resistance to extraction and tearing thanks to the Snap Resistant feature, a dual-material steel core. High resistance to bumping (percussion), thanks to the BKP (Bump Key Power) patented device. High drill resistance key bitting system in hardened steel.


  • 10-pin key bitting system (6 active, 4 passive)

  • Brass body with Snap Resistant dual-material core

  • Brass plugs

  • Pins in carbonitrided steel

  • Drivers in hardened steel 

  • Phosphor bronze and steel springs

  • Clutch-type cam for emergency function


ATK (High Security) Anti - Snap Lock

ATK is a retro-fit euro cylinder with the Master Locksmith Association's highest rating - SS312 Sold Secure Diamond, TS007 3 star rating, British Kitemark and Secured by Design accreditations.


The patented locking cam system of the ATK lock is proven in the market to effectively combat against lock snapping and forced entry methods of attack. SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Grade 3 Star British Kitemark - TS007:2014 (KM 586153) Secured by Design Accredited (Police preferred specification)


Patented Snap Secure Technology Pick, Drill & Bump Resistant Dual colour polished Chrome/Brass or Matt Brass options 6 Trap Pins for advance pick resistance 10 Anti-drill pins Unique "Click Secure" thumbturn design Double, and thumbturn formats available Three keys per cylinder Keyed alike key/key pairs are available ex stock Master keying on request