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Night Latch Locks Supplied & Fitted in Leeds

Night-latches are a very common form of lock, and automatically lock on closing the door.

Night-latches have a snib which is pushed up or down to deadlock the door inside, or to keep the latch held back, on older type nightlatches this can sometimes fail. If you feel this is becoming weaker and doesn’t have a definite click to lock it off then think about having this replaced - a typical example is when putting bins out or waving goodbye to someone the door slams behind you the snib drops down and you are locked out.

The ‘British Standard’ Night-latches feature auto-deadlocking, which is a great security feature, and prevents the old credit card trick known as 'slipping' seen in films and on TV, and is also a common trick used by the burglar. 


The Night Latch Lock Range
All prices include Lock Supplied & Fitted in Leeds

Standard Latch

Supplied & Fitted | £8(incl vat)

Standard Deadlock

Supplied & Fitted | £95 (incl vat)

Yale Deadlock

Supplied & Fitted | £135 (incl vat)

ERA Deadlock

Supplied & Fitted from| £145 (incl vat)

Digital Lock

Supplied & Fitted | £145 (incl vat)

Rack Bolts x 2

Replace existing | £30 (incl vat)
New Installation | £55 (incl vat)

Add a small extra layer of security with...
Door chain & Bolts 

Standard Bolt
Supplied & Fitted From
 £25 (incl vat)

Toughened  Bolt
Supplied & Fitted From
 £25 (incl vat)

Standard  Chain
Supplied & Fitted
 £35 (incl vat)

Door Chain
Supplied & Fitted
£35 (incl vat)

Standard  Bar
Supplied & Fitted
 £35 (incl vat)

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