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Is a Locksmith on your Moving Home To Do List?

What a fantastic blog that we stumbled across while surfing the web, we just had to share...

When it comes to moving house, there’s an endless list of tasks to attend to, both for the property you are vacating as well as the one you are moving into.

You may have thought that you’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything that you need to do but have you included acquiring the services of a locksmith?

Studies suggest that many home-movers overlook the necessity of using a locksmith when they move home, but it should be an essential for anyone. Here’s a look at just why it’s so important.

Keeping your new home secure

Settling into a new home is a monumental task with lots of hard work unpacking, but excitement too.

However, research has shown that at least half of all new home owners never even consider using a locksmith or replacing the locks on the doors.

The risk is that the previous owner may have held onto a copy of the keys for the doors, providing them with unrestricted access to your belongings. Not getting a new lock put onto your home as soon as possible leaves you extremely vulnerable.

Would you take the risk?

If the previous owners were friendly and pleasant, it’s tempting to think that there’s no risk of them stealing from you. However, it’s not just the risk of them entering your home that you need to consider. Can you be sure that they have never lost their keys? Or have never handed out a back-up copy to friends which they later forgot about?

The truth is that you don’t know who has a copy of the key which will unlock your home, and that’s a huge risk to take. If keys are used to access your property then an insurance company will not payout, instead assuming that you left the property unlocked.

Getting a new lock

It’s quick, easy and surprisingly inexpensive to get a new lock on your door; your local locksmith will be able to do this for you.

Make sure that any new lock fitted is of a good quality, meeting the British standard and in particular, meeting TS007 which means that they won’t be liable to the popular burglar technique of lock snapping.

You could even ask for a patented or restricted lock system. Both of these are much more difficult to copy and could provide extra protection.

Your home security

If you arrange for a locksmith to come to your home to fit a new lock, it’s a good idea to ask them to review the rest of your security arrangements at the same time.

A locksmith can take a look at all your windows and doors to make sure that they have the appropriate locks and fittings to keep them secure. They can also check alarms, or provide new codes (which is also a very good idea).

You might want to use the opportunity to beef up your overall security arrangements too such as adding a spy hole, security chain or deadbolts. Improving the security on your outbuildings and perimeter will also add an extra layer of security to provide additional reassurance.

Don’t forget the locksmith!

So if you’re moving home and haven’t yet added a locksmith to your list of essential must-do tasks, don’t forget to write it down. A locksmith should be one of the first people you contact so you can relax without risk in your new home.

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