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Brisant Lock Lock Door Handles

The Lock Lock Door Handles protect you even if the lock is beaten!! Supplied & Fitted in Leeds for just £59!!

To learn more carry on reading or simply watch the video…

[Tested to TS007 2* and PAS024*] The patented lock-block stops the spindle turning. If the spindle doesn’t turn, the door doesn’t open.

[TOUGH TO GRIP] thanks to Lock Lock’s curved finish. The stylish rounded form deters and defends against attempted attacks. That’s because Lock Lock is designed to be gripped in only one way – by you and your family.

[ADDED SPINDLE PROTECTION] With Lock Lock, every feature comes with its own safeguards. Making it even better at protecting what matters. Lock Lock’s patented spindle design works in partnership with internal grub screws to actively prevent an aspiring burglar from pulling or pushing the spindle through. With every feature designed to protect against intruders, Lock Lock turns your door from a temptation into a deterrent.

[LOCKED AND LOCKED] With Lock Lock, your home is locked and locked. That means double the protection for you and your family. The handle must be turned up and the hooks engaged before the switch can be operated.

[TRENGTH AT EVERY LEVEL] At 3mm thick, Lock Lock’s walls are twice as thick as conventional handles. It also has hidden reinforced webs. Lock Lock takes protection to the next level.

[NIGHT VISION] “Did I lock the door or not?” Lock Lock’s luminous lock indicator lets you know with one quick look that you really have locked your front door.

[INSTANT ESCAPE] There’s an emergency and you need to get out of your house. Fast. What’s the last thing you want to be doing? Searching for keys.

[IT EVEN SOUNDS LOCKED] Lock Lock lets you know when you’re making your family more secure. Just listen out for the reassuringly solid “clunk clunk” noise that tells you when your door is Lock Locked.

[THE PERFECT FIT] Lock Lock fits all PVC and composite doors and any other door with a standard 122mm or 211mm handle set.

[DOUBLE LIFE, DOUBLE COATING] The chrome and gold finishes are achieved with two layers of copper and nickel, while conventional handles have just one. That’s why Lock Lock exceeds the normal 240-hour salt spray test for endurance – twice!

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