8 May 2018

Different Types of Locks

This is an overview of some of the basic kinds of locks you might encounter when making choices for your home's security in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire 

Padlock Suppliers in Leeds

This is the most basic form of lock and one that everyone is generally familiar with. However, despite it's apparent simplicity there are a few options that you can choose between when buying a padlock that may improve it's functionality:

- Re-keyable padlocks can be adapted so that they are opened with a key you...


The clever locking system of the Avocet ABS® diamond grade cylinder is triggered when the lock has been snap attacked. The locking system fires into action to create a robust barrier to entry. 

The patented Active Cam Technology™ is hidden deep within an extremely strong Molybdenum cam which is 20% stronger than steel. It delivers ultimate resistance against a lock snapping attack and both snap and twist manipulation.


Standard euro cyli...

3 Apr 2018

What a fantastic blog that we stumbled across while surfing the web, we just had to share...

When it comes to moving house, there’s an endless list of tasks to attend to, both for the property you are vacating as well as the one you are moving into.

You may have thought that you’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything that you need to do but have you included acquiring the services of a locksmith?

Studies suggest that many home-movers overlook the necessity of using a locksmith when they move home, but it should...

28 Mar 2018

Welcome to our Website!

Here at CS Locks & Keys we pride ourselves in being if not the best, at least one of the best for value Lock Fitters & Key Cutters in Leeds. We are a family run business and we appreciate that the most important thing when looking for a Lock Fitter / Locksmith or Key Cutting Service (or anything else for that matter) is the cost! Expensive doesn't always mean better quality, we have searched the web and gathered quotes from the 'Big Guys' and what they are charging for the exact same products...

20 Mar 2018

But there are plenty of services that locksmiths can provide other than your normal cutting keys and fitting locks, they are:

  1. Key Cutting

    A locksmith will be able to cut keys for any type of lock ( cabinet, garage, back door, upvc door, padlock etc.. )

    Work Includes:

    – Cutting keys by hand
    – Machine key cutting
    – Security keys
    – Restricted keys

  2. Window & Door Locks

    One of the most common areas of locksmiths is the standard UPVC door and window lock on the domestic house, UPVC locks and windows are...

19 Mar 2018

The Lock Lock Door Handles protect you even if the lock is beaten!! Supplied & Fitted in Leeds for just £59!! 

To learn more carry on reading or simply watch the video… https://vimeo.com/195937037

[Tested to TS007 2* and PAS024*]
The patented lock-block stops the spindle turning. If the spindle doesn’t turn, the door doesn’t open.

[TOUGH TO GRIP] thanks to Lock Lock’s curved finish. The stylish rounded form deters and defends against attempted attacks. That’s because Lock Lock is designed to be gripped in only one way...